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Advanced Building Technologies

Smart Building Specialist

Whether its scripting the absolute definition of each smart building outcome, developing the architecture to unlock maximum systems value or writing flavoursome analytics that seamlessly optimise every layer within the building management network, we offer industry leading smart building services.

Master System Integrator

Tecta Analytics offer the full spectrum of specialist engineering requirements for delivering fully integrated building technology. This comes from expert knowledge of each individual building system, strong links to market technology, constant monitoring of emerging trends, and the in-house capability to bring every layer within the virtual and physical domain into one cohesive ecosystem from which knowledge and insight become the natural consequence.


With the hard work and nurture required to normalize, aggregate and order systems data within a building, we are well placed to serve the needs of customers looking to leverage that data in innovative and wonderful ways. Developing bespoke software applications to deliver unrivalled user experience and giving new meaning to the relationship between buildings and their occupants.

Design & Engineering

We support the delivery of challenging engineered solutions through our in house research, innovation & development. We build upon industry leading systems and frameworks covering everything from domestic BMS solutions all the way to global IoT platforms.

Analytics Training

Our vision of a deeply interconnected world where control systems self adapt to change is one that requires better industry support. We offer structured online training in groups or one-to-one covering the following topics;

  1. Building automation professionals looking to learn/develop math based analysis for modern building control systems.
  2. Building automation professionals looking to become integration experts, covering existing and emerging communication technologies.
  3. Facilities management companies looking to build in-house capability for developing scaled building management, asset management or IoT platforms.
  4. Facilities management or building automation professionals looking to deep dive into building energy flows and how to properly manage them.
  5. Facilities management professionals looking to learn technical methods for reducing building energy demand.
  6. Industry trends and topics. A structured look ahead at where building automation is going.

MEP Project Services – Tecta MEP 3D

For Consultants

Automatically verify the MEP installation meets design criteria. Equipment provisions are correct, and equipment performance is achieved. Autonomously witness all aspects of the services installation through our state of the art AI commissioning assistant.

For Main Contractors

10x your KPI’s with our state of the art real-time management platform, and bring cohesion to the disparate MEP services within your contractual framework.

For Sub-Contractors

Rapidly improve the speed of commissioning using our digital tool set for regulating and setting of air, water & controls. Remove the obstacles through revolutionary new digital commissioning methods, saving time and reducing complexity.

Advanced Facilities Management

aBMS – Autonomous BMS

Leverage the capacity that exists within buildings today. Our over the top aBMS does everything industry leading BMS supervisors do, yet with heaps of intelligence added. Be provided with guided workflows on receipt of alarms. Automatically adjust to demand factors such as weather, climate, air quality, footfall, behaviour, comfort, etc. Cloud hosted or hosted on premises, this makes for an incredibly valuable FM tool.

Building Energy Manager

Our energy management suite contains everything required to achieve best energy performance of a building. The suite includes the following tools;

  1. Carnot – Load management tool. Measures, predicts and smooths building energy load to achieve a supply minima and reduce energy wastage. Autonomous loadshedding to maximise overall building energy performance.
  2. Thermal Comfort – Models actual building user comfort to find optimal comfort and energy balance.
  3. Energy Benchmarking – In line with CIBSE TM46/47. Using real time measurement to improve reporting accuracy.
  4. Footprint Manager – Using real-time national carbon intensities for absolute accuracy in carbon footprint measurement.
  5. Efficiency Manager – Brute force compliance with BS EN 15232, made easy.

Tecta My-Air-Quality

We use cutting edge research and specially developed procedures to monitor, manage and improve building internal air quality.

Building Health Manager

Manage the life cycle of every system and component within a building using our innovative FM software tool. At its heart is a powerful fuzzy logic engine that pools data from buildings, manufacturers and other sources to accurately understand the life cycle of everything.

Our detailed R&D has identified every ware factor that contributes to the degradation of every moving part in your building. We monitor every one of these factors giving a complete understanding of building state.

Demand led maintenance is now here!

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