Tecta Smart Space

Tecta Smart Space is the first of its kind. A one stop shop for the creation of immersive environments that invigorate the senses and unleash the human mind. We bring modern day understanding on the effects of environmental conditions such as light, temperature, moisture, sound and air quality into a service dedicated to the creation of spaces that assist, inspire and enrich productivity. We like to think of this as positive manipulation. Bringing out the best in people by creating environments that spark thought, increase concentration or engender invention. There’s a lightbulb moment in all of us. Tecta Smart Space makes it happen.

Master System Integrator

Tecta Analytics offer the full spectrum of specialist data requirements for deployment of Tecta Smart Space. This comes from expert knowledge of each individual building system, strong links to market technology, constant monitoring of emerging trends, and the in-house capability to bring every layer within the virtual and physical domain into one cohesive ecosystem from which knowledge and insight become the natural consequence.

Master System Integrators needs to understand limitations, for it is limitations that dictate the perimeter within which data-flow must be contained. Tecta Analytics develop integrations with simplicity and reliability in mind. We understand our customers goal of bringing their buildings to life, and hence we apply intricate detail to ensure the resultant nervous system connects every part like the neuron network within the human body.


With the hard work and nurture required to normalize, aggregate and order systems data within a building, we are well placed to service the needs of customers looking to leverage that data in innovative and wonderful ways. Developing bespoke software applications to deliver unrivaled user experience and giving new meaning to the relationship between buildings and their occupants.

Tecta Project Services

For Consultants

Tecta Analytics project services automatically verify the installation meets the criteria set out in the project specification. Equipment provisions are as intended, and equipment performance is achieved. With Tecta Projects deployed, 100% of the installation can be digitally witnessed giving peace of mind the installation reflects the design intent and performance objectives. Information is updated in real time, can be viewed on demand, and on any device.

For Main Contractors

State of the art tool set for real time M&E project management leveraging standard communication protocols unlocking helpful project progress insights. Manage your project in a holistic manner with the aid of a powerful AI engine observing tasks and actions happening on site with simple yet effective identifiers. Get flash reports for systems, floors and the project as a whole. Issue notifications for delays, programme impacts, etc. Using data led decisions for effective, pro-active project management.

For Sub-Contractors

Rapidly improve the speed with which commissioning tasks are completed using automated mechanisms for regulating and setting of services provision. Remove the obstacles through revolutionary new digital commissioning methods, saving time and reducing complexity.

Tecta FM

AI Bolt-Ons

Tecta Analytics have developed a suite of building bolt on applications that accelerate the capability and intelligence of building control systems to a level expected of modern cloud systems. Tecta Analytics bolt-ons improve the buildings internal environment, generate comprehensive primary energy usage reduction, and redefine the link between building space and its occupants. User well-being and environmental sustainability is at the heart of our building AI solutions.


Tecta Analytics Platform enables the interconnection of all assets and systems within your building or estate. Automatically normalises data, providing logical structure and relevance to each separate building system. Overlay existing business information tools and systems for exciting adaptations to be tried and tested on the fly. Deploying TAP future proofs your building, giving you the means to deploy new and emerging technologies as soon as they appear. Instant ROI and complete flexibility with intelligent building products. 

Problem Detection & Diagnostics

Tecta Analytics state of the art Problem Detection, Diagnostics and remediation package contains best-in-class FDD software for rapid identification of anomalies before loss of service occurs with the additional functionality to manage remedial workflows or even action the workflows fully autonomously. A giant leap in the management of building services maintenance.

Continuous Commissioning

Tecta Analytics continuous commissioning runs as a building health check service and periodic automatic commissioning tool. Using the telemetry that exists in modern buildings allow us to precisely measure the performance envelope of air and water systems over time, and necessary parameter changes to be made to re-tighten up the buildings performance envelope.

Tecta Services

Tecta Smart Space
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Tecta Project Services
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