The Tecta Eco-Sphere

Tecta Analytics infuse the vision of tomorrow into the buildings of today. The furore surrounding ‘Smart Buildings’ has delivered not a great deal in the 5 or so years since its emergence from a multitude of interconnected industry sectors. The opportunity simply isn’t delivering, due in part to industry constraints, diminishing skill sets, poor industry culture, and a top down approach to the introduction of new technologies.

This is why Tecta Analytics is in a class of its own. Bringing together the best expertise from industry and the most innovative minds from academia, we set out to find solutions to the problems, as defined by lifetime experienced industry professionals. We broke the industry down, analysed its structure and system, rebuilding it with new technologies and methods to bridge gaps and link chains. We found patterns of recurrent failure in the M&E industry exacerbated through its own mechanisms to mitigate such failure. All in all, we found an industry not suited to the modern technological era. All that data, all that insight, and no change!

We started on a journey to drive change in the building services industry with the ultimate aim of having buildings that are 100% operating to design, ready for the emerging technologies that were fast approaching. Along that journey, we built tools with incredible effectiveness, we discovered methods that overhaul entire processes, we built a complete understanding of the problem, and created the best solution for it.

Smart Spaces Creation

Making incredible environments

Our vision for the outcome of the modern smart building. Human centric.

Tecta Project Services

Data driven, insight-rich management of M&E projects

Leveraging open communication protocols for real time project management.

Tecta Verification

Automated, 100% digital witnessing & verification of M&E projects

Closing the loop from project inception to practical completion.

Tecta AI Bolt-Ons

IoT in action. Rapid improvement in the cohesive operation of your building

Buildings operate in the presence of uncertainty. We give you the certainty of a building operating as well as it possibly can.

M&E Health Check

Know your building inside out. Creep degredation is a thing of the past

Digitally re-commission an entire building, completely at your discretion.

Tecta Services

Tecta Smart Space
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Tecta Project Services
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