Tecta Eco-Sphere

Buildings are interesting things. The heart of business, the epicentres of change, they house careers, ideas, and everything in between. Human beings have been intertwined with buildings for millennia, the very nature of our relationship with buildings evolves as we do. As the technological era pervades every part of our lives, its a natural progression for technology to be a staple part of a buildings life. This is why we call it an eco-sphere.

Smart Building Services Design

Introducing Building Intelligence at Design Stage

Pooling past performance data to better model new and existing designs.

Using our setup scorecard system, learn how equipment configurations perform to better inform future design decisions.

Integrated systems design / IoT / Tried & tested solutions / Turnkey iBMS

Tecta smart building specification including pre-defined, continuously evolving functional outcomes, bolt on hardware / software & fully engineered over-the-top apps to achieve spec.

MEP Project Services

Data driven, insight-rich management of MEP projects

Programme management tool. Integrates with contractor productivity metrics to generate full awareness of project progress.

Commissioning management tool. Schedule auto-commissioning routines, distributed contractor apps that feed into one valuable management tool for progress monitoring.

Real time dashboards for live MEP project monitoring.

Cutting Edge Services Commissioning

Save time, Improve performance, Commission smart

App based services commissioning.

Zero dependency on 3rd party contractors.

Automatically record settings and commissioned parameters.

Automated Validation, Verification & Witnessing

Witness 100% of the installation, Automatically

Robotic testing routines for every system and sub-system.

Clear reports landing in you inbox once tests complete.

Witness 100% of the installation in less time and with better transparency.

Tecta Smart Cities

Creating Immersive Workspaces

HVAC / Lighting / Security / EMS / PMS / AV / IT

User engagement platform. New insightful communication between building and user.

Productivity / Comfort / Culture

Tecta Products & Services

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MEP Project Services
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Advanced Facilities Services
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